1. Addictions
    Addictions can take good people and turn their entire lives upside down leaving devastation in the paths. Many lives are destroyed yet God is the answer for restoration! Pastor Jennings Campbell is used of God to lead others into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the power afforded us through Christ's brokenness on the cross of Calvary.
  2. DTM Gnaden Campus
    DTM Gnaden Campus
    We are pleased to offer to you DTM Bible Training Center. Check out the facebook page for many great items of interest. This is an affordable, accredited Bible college preparing others for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
  3. Missions
    A list of the various missions we support is being compiled.
  4. Men's Ministries
    Men's Ministries
    Reaching into the hearts of the men God has placed in our path makes a huge difference not just individually, but also collectively as a body.
  5. Women's Minitries
    Women's Minitries
    Woman from all walks of life, whether professional, stay at home moms, or single women, all are uniquely mad of God to be divinely used of Him.
  6. Youth & Children
    Youth & Children
    Our children are very special to us. We pour into the Jesus and their lives are being radically changed.