Heal the broken hearted, bind the wounds, preach the acceptable year of the Lord.... the task seems great, but the Master is greater!
In the 1960's, Full Gospel Pentecostal Church(Gnaden Full Gospel - GFG) started as a tent revival.  The first pastor was a man named Rev. Robert Gadfield and his lovely wife Grace.  They moved from Rittman with his four children in tow to build the church and the ministry began.  Many lives were changed.  
Rev.Gadfield had such a sweet spirit, a pocket of candy, and the Word that hit every single pew.  Many times folks would swear that God told him every aspect of their lives.  God changed many hearts through the willing obedient heart of his servants there. 
After his retirement, there were several ministers briefly in and out for about six or seven years until one of his former parishioners, Sandra Mann, received a call from her spiritual mother, Ruth Lentz, who was at that time pastoring GFG.   God had placed Pastor Ruth in briefly to lay some groundwork, do some necessary changes, and prepare the road before Pastor Sandi. 
Pastor Sandi was a mere 16 years ago when her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Francis and Willa McNutt, moved from Millersburg to Barnhill and began attending there.  At 16, Pastor Gadfield had a soft spot for that teen with too much spirit and too much makeup, but a heart for God.  He would always tease her about her makeup saying,, "if the old barn needs painted, paint it!"  She was many times moved by the power of God, but never imagined God would call her to a  place of taking the church into the future. 
You see, in 2008 while driving by the church, God spoke to Sandi and said, "You will pastor there". 
Her response was, "Lord, that would be a miracle.  Those people don't like me!"  Today she is senior pastor with five other ministers working together to reach into the hearts of mankind with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Sandra Mann is a bivocational pastor as many of our ministers are.  She is married to Lawrence Mann II, and they are the parents of four biological children, and two foster teens.  They have eight grandchidren.
The vision God has given her is to reach those who are broken with the only answer there is.... JESUS Christ!  Being the founder of the local sexual assault center snd working in socisl work most of her life, she quickly realized that man can do nothing more than putting a band-aide on the problem.  JESUS will heal and deliver from all our issues. 
Sandra came from a background of sexual abuse, domestic violence, poverty, hatred, rage, bitterness, depression and anxiety attacks but today is set free! 
Putting the full circle together, from reaching and teaching to mending to sending, Pastor Sandi is determined to help others help others in making a REAL difference inthe world today. 
It has been a great opportunity in meeting those goals to partner with Dyer Times Ministries in providing quality Biblical Education in this area.  The college courses are accredidated and the teachers are dedicated and on fire for God. 
Cokme and join in with what God is doig in this place!  You WILL go away CHANGED by the transforming power of God!